Saturday, 23 July 2016

Talking in Fijian

This is how you count to ten in Fijian
Dua 1
Rua 2
Toiu 3
Va 4
Lima 5
Ono 6
Vitu 7
Walu 8
Ciwa (thiwa) 9
Tini 10

Vinaka vakalevu - thank you very much

Vunikau - tree

Na yacaqu (yathaku) o Maia - my  name is Maia

Monday, 18 July 2016

bula from Fiji

We went to Fiji. The first Island I went on was the main Island. We stayed beside the airport. The hotel was called the Gateway Hotel. Then we went to Plantation Island. We went to three pools, and the beach. I saw lots of fish. We fed the fish.
We went on a boat for 5 hours to go to Tavewa. I got sick. We went to a school. I gave a teacher the stuff that our class put in a bag. I loved the school. they sang us songs and they danced for us. I had to dance with them.
I like Fiji. It was hot. I was crying on the plane home.

We gave the school lots of books